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Chasing the Northern Lights in autumn

Chasing the Northern Lights in autumn

Lapland is beautiful in every season, but autumn is especially charming. The autumn leaves are a natural phenomenon that occurs when the leaves change color in the fall. Lapland is one of the best places in the world to admire the autumn leaves, as the region has abundant forests where the leaves can shine in beautiful colors.

The autumn in Lapland usually begins in early September. The leaves first start to turn yellow, and later they turn red, orange, and purple. The autumn leaves are at their best in late September and October, but they can last until early November.

Chasing the Northern Lights in autumn

For observing the northern lights, Kilpisjärvi is the best location in Finland with its nightly 70 % chance of the northern lights to appear.

Geographically Kilpisjärvi´s location next to the Skandies mountain range is ideal for chasing Auroras.

We chase the northern lights by automobile heading to the best direction depending on weather forecast. During the tour we will make breaks for photographing and to enjoy some snacks. Guide provides good tips for night time photography.

The tour price includes photographs by the guide, hot drink, pastry.

Kilpissafarit, established in 1995, is a Kilpisjärvi-based outdoor activity company.

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