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To Kivesvaara Cottage -Kainuu

To Kivesvaara Cottage -Kainuu

Have you enjoyed roasting sausages after a bike ride or fishing trip? What could be a better way to relax and simply be than to sit by the fire and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Kivesvaara Cottage! At the end of a forest hike, it's wonderful to sit by the crackling flames and indulge in campfire snacks while listening to the sound of the fire.

The Kivesvaara hut and firewood from the woodshed are freely available for everyone to use throughout the year. You can also find a viewing platform near the cottage as well as the Kainuu Stone Park. Come and experience the tranquility of nature and enjoy the moment with us! Accommodation

Panoramic House offers endless views of the unspoiled Kainuu wilderness in three directions. This well-equipped panoramic cottage is located at the highest point of Giant's Land, providing its residents with a captivating natural stage and immediate peace.

On the large terrace surrounding the cottage, you can observe the movement of the sun, the bright shining stars, and the auroras waving in the dark sky. And best of all, you can enjoy all these natural phenomena in the comforting warmth of the outdoor hot tub! Relax by the glass-doored fireplace and sauna until late into the night.

As you step out of the door of Panoramic House, you'll feel the rush and stress of everyday life melt away. Here, nature takes over and offers you space to breathe deeply and relax completely. Whether your plans involve a vacation full of adventures or a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Panoramic House's unique environment offers you exactly what you need.


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