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Tourism in Kainuu 2024

Tourism in Kainuu 2024

Summer in Finland offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature. Cycling and hiking are popular activities that allow you to experience stunning landscapes and fresh air. Hiking trails and paths attract explorations of Finland's lush forests and lakes.

Campfires are a cozy way to spend time with friends and family. By the campfire, you can relax, chat, and enjoy food.

The sound and smell of the campfire are calming and reminiscent of childhood summers.

The peace of the forest is a unique experience. In the woods, you can listen to the singing of birds, the rustle of trees, and the whisper of the wind.

The tranquility of the forest is like the best remedy for stress.

Grilling sausages over an open fire is a great way to relax and enjoy life, but remember to make fires only at designated campfire sites and shelters.

Are you ready to experience the wonders of Finland?

In the heart of Finnish nature – Grilling sausages and enjoying snacks during bike trips and summer vacations

Greetings to all nature and outdoor enthusiasts!

Summer is approaching, and the Finnish nature is calling us once again for adventures and relaxation.

It's time to plan unforgettable moments during summer vacations and bike trips.

What could be a better way to enjoy a summer day than stopping by a lean-to shelter for grilling sausages and enjoying snacks?

Finnish nature offers countless wonderful excursion destinations and lean-to shelters where you can spend relaxing moments with friends and family. Grilling sausages and enjoying snacks at the lean-to shelter taste particularly delicious after a day spent outdoors in the fresh air.

Bike tourism is a popular way to explore the beautiful Finnish nature.

Convenient hiking trails and the freedom brought by a bicycle enable admiring stunning landscapes and enjoying the tranquility of nature. Stopping at a lean-to shelter provides an excellent opportunity to rest and enjoy snacks during the journey.

Summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to experience the diverse Finnish nature and the opportunities it offers.

Sitting at the lean-to shelter and enjoying snacks create pleasant memories and enhance the relaxation and atmosphere of the trip.

So, make the most of summer and the beautiful nature of Finland – plan bike trips and summer vacations, and remember to stop at a lean-to shelter to enjoy snacks and grilling sausages together with your loved ones!

Safari House and Accommodation ARCTIC GIANT BIRDHOUSE HOTEL /Paltamo

Join an exciting guided bike safari in the rugged landscapes of Kainuu. Hop on an electric-assist eFatbike or fatbike, grab the handlebars, and let the trails lead you to unforgettable nature experiences and moments of joy. We organize guided bike safaris for groups of 2 – 10 people throughout the year.

Jättiläisenmaan Safari House offers memorable nature experiences and activities all year round.

Arctic Giant Safaris
Arctic Giant’s safari house offers memorable nature experiences and activities all year round. You can bicyckle through the dangerous landscapes of Kainuu on an electric-assisted eFatbike, paddle with kayak to the source of peace of mind, or hop on a scooter and head for a leisurely cross-country ride! We have activities for you to go faster – whether it´s self-guided adventures or guided nature tours.


An unforgettable nature experience, as a part of nature

The Arctic Giant Birdhouse is a unique nature experience. The cottage has a large landscape window, which allows you to relax on the bed, watch the Kainuu area wild nature and feel as you are a part of nature, as a bird in a nest. From these birdhouses you can also experience all four seasons with their weather variations in the stunning landscapes of Arctic Giant.

Stop for a moment and admire the glowing starry sky, the sunset or the sparkle of the northern lights. A night in the Birdhouse will makes you forget the hurry and stress of everyday life. You will feel complete peace and quietness. There is nothing better than waking up at the hill top to the dawn of the morning rays in stunning scenery.

A night in a giant birdhouse is an unforgettable experience.

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